How To Style Your Sofa Like An Expert

Ever stepped inside a show home and wished instantly your house would look as effortless? You’re not the only one. Having an interior designer on site brings with it a touch of magic – magic that most of us would kill for when it comes to styling our own home and adding those finishing touches.

Whether it’s creating a table setting worthy of a royal brunch or styling your sofa like a show home, interior designers know a trick or two about creating maximum impact without going over budget. Today we’re taking a look at the latter and sharing some of the secret design tricks you can use to make your sofa look like it’s fresh out of a home décor magazine.

Selecting your Size

One thing to consider is the size of your sofa when purchasing cushions – styles that are too big will dwarf the sofa, while teeny tiny pillows will fee lost in the space. We recommend starting with a standard 50 x 50cm cushion and then adding 45 x 45cm cushions in front.


Colours & Print

When you’re considering colours and prints for your cushions and throw pillows, there are some things to remember.

  1. Choose a block colour to place at the back of your cushion formation to create a backdrop for printed designs. If you have a lighter sofa, a tip is to place a darker cushion to the back (be wary of dye transferring), and a more neutral shade on a dark sofa.

  2. For a traditional look mix and match in symmetry on either side of the sofa, while a contemporary setting can take a more eclectic approach with complementing but contrasting patterns.

  3. Look for colours that work on a tonal scale, such as different shades of neutrals or rich jewel tones. Prints can be contrasting but be sure to make sure there is at least one continuous colour running through each of the cushions.

  4. When you’re considering prints, look for organic patterns such as florals, and team with more geometric motifs such as stripes or checks, for a modern twist.



When you’re starting to style your sofa, use the largest pillows at the back and level up from there, adding in a 45 x 45cm and perhaps a rectangular cushion in the middle. There are, however, a number of different ways you can place your pillows to create a stylish sofa.

  • Central design: Use two matching cushions in the centre of your sofa, with a slight gap in between to create a visually pleasing design. This works with more structured sofas, however, with firm backs and straight lines.

  • Mismatched: Sometimes throwing a mix of textures and prints can work incredibly well, as long as there is a thread of similar colour tones running through to pull it together.

  • Trio: For a contemporary look team three cushions in complementing prints on each side of the sofa.

  • Alternating: Use three block coloured cushions and three printed cushions and create an alternating pattern along the sofa.

Alongside our tips and tricks to style your sofa like an interior designer, we thought we’d share some cushion combinations that work incredibly well, featuring our range of cushions available to buy through the website.

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