5 Inexpensive Ways

To Refresh Your

Home For Spring

When it comes to the changing of the seasons, we’re not huge fans of going out and purposely redecorating a room with brand new trends and products. At Cottingley Furnishers we’re more interested in timeless pieces and inexpensive refreshers, hence our range of purse-friendly cushions, rugs, vases, decorative items and more.

Today we wanted to talk about five easy ways to update your home for spring, without breaking the bank. Starting with…


Changing your cushions to light, soft, muted tones can change the look of your sofa instantly. Colours to consider this season are taupe, blush pink, peach and pistachio green, while fabrics such as fur and velvet are replaced with cotton, linen and jute. Tip: When styling your sofa, start with larger block coloured cushions to the back and don’t be afraid to mix contrasting prints and patterns to the front, as long as they complement each other colour wise.


Although changing your artwork every season could prove costly, take a moment this spring to see if you’re still as in love with pieces around your home as you once were. Swapping them can give the room a lift, including adding new pieces from your children, swapping a frame from a clock or pulling out editorials from magazines and framing those for your office – and not a penny spent.

Blooms and Blossoms

Using flowers as a centrepiece on your dining table, on the console table as you walk into the hallway, or on the coffee table to create a pretty vignette, is an easy way to add an element of spring. Consider tulips, daffodils, peonies, roses and lavender, as well as indoor plants and succulents. We have a wide choice of vases and planters in the showroom if you’re looking for a new home for your blooms.

Rearranging Furniture

 Why not use the new season as an opportunity to give your home a deep spring clean, decluttering surfaces and tidying drawers and cupboards? It also proves the perfect time to rearrange furniture for a better flow to walk around the room and give the space a new feel. Tip: Don’t push furniture against the walls, leave breathing space of a couple of inches as this makes the room appear more pleasing to the eye. 

Increase Natural Light

Letting as much spring light into your home as possible is potentially the biggest design tip we have. Start by cleaning your windows inside and out and look to tidy up and paint snags or chips in the woodwork around the window frames, as well as clearing window sills of any clutter. Consider updating your curtains to lighter ones, both in colour and fabric, and move any furniture out of the way of incoming light. And once the sun comes out, open the windows wide and let in that spring fresh air.

Are you looking to update your home this spring with any of these tips? Don’t forget to call in store to check out our new range of accessories, soft furnishings and decorative add-ons.

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