How To Make Your Faux Plants Look Real

You only have to look at Instagram to see how popular house plants has become – never before have we seen such an influx of people talking about their fiddle leaf fig tree, or their string of pearls plants.

And while tending to your leafy friends is all well and good, for those that have pets, children, or are less than green fingered, faux plants are a great alternative.

There used to be a real stigma around artificial plants and flowers, but by following these handy tips, you can embrace the fake and create a home filled with greenery – without the hassle of remembering to water anything. And although you don’t receive the same benefits of having real plants, including the air being purified and cleaned and lower stress levels, the level of maintenance that is required is almost at zero.

Buy Quality

The main thing that gives artificial plants away is a poor finish. It doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, but watch out for frayed edges on fabric flowers, unrealistic and unnatural colours – a bright apple green is going to scream fake, whereas a darker green is a more subtle option, and fake water droplets have a habit of making the plant look artificial.


Place in Planters

Buy “potting” your artificial plants, it makes them look like they’re fresh from the garden centre. Mix and match your planters in your home, including printed surfaces, hand-painted, ceramic glazed pots, terracotta planters and metal plant pots.

Give Them Sunlight & Shade

For a truly authentic indoor plant garden, place your faux plants around the house where they would need to be in if they were living, breathing things. For example, look for artificial bamboo and aloe vera plants for your bathroom, as both of these are known to thrive in damper environments. Place your potted cacti close to window, and consider hanging plants such as string of pearls, or trailing ivy, over bookshelves and sideboards.

Keep Them Clean

OK, so we said that fake plants take almost zero maintenance but getting the duster out every now and again will stop dust giving the game away. Get a soft cleaning brush and dust the leaves and stems to ensure the plant doesn’t get damaged. If you have artificial flowers, wipe dust away with your brush and use a sponge and water to gently spot clean any stains to ensure the colours don’t run.

With just a little tending to and clever placement, faux plants and artificial flowers can look just as realistic as the real deal. Below we have a mix of plants and flowers available to buy online, which could be a great option to add a pop of colour to your home.

Are you a fan of real or fake when it comes to plants?

Find our full range of faux plants and artificial flowers available here.

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