Country Inspired Interiors

Although it’s very tempting to escape to a secluded countryside retreat when autumn arrives – think log fires, hot chocolate and warm blankets – it’s easy to create a similar interior style within your own home, which means you don’t even have to venture outside your front door. Here are five must-haves for achieving that quintessential English countryside cottage look.

Embrace Wooden Furniture

We’re not sure the term “country cottage” could be summed up any better than with the use of wood – pine and oak, to be more specific. Whether that’s in wall panelling, reclaimed furniture, a perfectly styled dresser or exposed floorboards, wood is synonymous with country-inspired interior design. Here at Cottingley Furnishers we have a number of pieces of bespoke rustic pine furniture which can be customised in a range of paint colours, designed to fit in perfectly with any existing room scheme. For the biggest impact, team natural textures such as wood with contrasting sleek surfaces such as tall chrome lanterns next to an oak console table.


Santana Taupe - £55
Steel grey accent chair - £124.20
Blush velvet cushion - £27
Boden Duck Egg Throw - £39
Colours to Consider

Although we don’t usually agree with following rules when it comes to interior design – after all, taste is completely subjective – when it comes to colour, there are certain shades that work particularly well with this style of rustic farmhouse design. Sage, blush pink, greys, light blue and creams all are signature shades which complement the other elements discussed here, while accent shades to consider include plum, mustard, dark midnight blue and muted greens. The key is to limit yourself to one strong colour in the room, creating a timeless appeal when paired with neutrals.

Conceal Electronics

 Comfort and simplicity are two words associated with country interiors – large flat screen TV, Google Home, and speaker systems, however, are not. Now, we’re not suggesting you have to retreat back to the pre-technological days of the past – Alexa is too helpful to give up – but cleverly concealing these items will really help you create a perfect balance between classic country and modern design. Could you possibly hide your internet router in a small basket/box, or cover thermostats or alarms with wall art? Perhaps even consider the next time you’re purchasing a TV, to look for one to features a dual screen where it turns into a piece of artwork when on standby.

Don't Forget Prints

We’ve touched upon what colours to use in your country-inspired interior but integrating prints and patterns can really tie this look together. If you’re looking to make an impact with this design, a statement wallpaper would be ideal (think animal motifs and quirky prints), but if you’re not brave enough just yet, wallpapering insider alcoves and behind wall shelving is a great alternative. Traditional prints such as stripes, checks and plaids, meanwhile, all suit a country retreat interior, used in cushions, throws, lampshades and curtains. For example, a grey colour scheme looks warm and welcoming with plum and sage plaid soft furnishings, combined with silver decorative items such as lanterns and light fixtures.

Mix & Match

 The beauty of country living is that nothing has to be too matchy-matchy or refined. Perfectly polished isn’t a term that sits well alongside rustic retreat, so take pleasure in buying pieces of furniture you truly love, not just because they match with the current décor. A furniture essential? There are two in our opinion – an armchair, cosy enough to sit back and read a book, and a large comfortable sofa to sit with loved ones and enjoy an old black and white movie. OK, a Netflix boxset.

Parkgate Wheat Armchair - £273
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