5 Autumn Interior Trends

Although we’re not trying to wish away the warmer months, autumn definitely brings with it a number of perks. Cosier nights, a better night’s sleep thanks to the cooler air, and the chance to update our homes with new interior trends.

It’s rare that a trend surprises us, and let’s face it, burnt orange in autumn is hardly ground breaking is it. So, today, we’ve sourced five under-the-radar trends which are set to dominate the interiors world over the next couple of months. Starting with…

Nordic Maximalist

Scandinavia is renowned for its simplistic style, in both fashion and interiors. But this autumn sees the Nordic look take a slightly more maximalist direction. The signature calm and subtle colour palette of greys, off-white, and blush pink still runs throughout, but texture is almost over-used - including layer-upon-layer of sheepskin rugs, tasselled cushions, pompoms, embroidered pouffes, ash wood, beaten leathers and rattan. In this instance, more is more.


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Although there will always be a place for mass-produced products in the fast-paced world we live in, there’s a real focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living this season. And rightly so. As we see a move towards using less plastic in our day-to-day lives, that’s also true of how we decorate our homes. Expect to see an increase in natural materials across furniture and home accessories, recycling, upcycling and reusing.

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Country Retreat

Is there anything more satisfying that bunkering down after a busy day, shutting the cold air out and wrapping up in a blanket in front of another box set, warm drink in hand? We didn’t think so. Which sits perfectly with Country Retreat – the interiors trend which incorporates rich shades cranberry, deep brown and plum. Think country-inspired furniture, chunky giant knits, thick wooden frames, woodland animal motifs and oak flooring covered with a deep-pile rug underfoot.


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Tales of a Traveller

Following on from its popularity last season, Tales of a Traveller welcomes an eclectic mix of artisan designs, warm, earthy colours, woven textures and authentic pieces of décor found on your global adventures. Tribal patterns can be spotted on cushions and throws, while Kilim rugs create a focal point in the room. The key to this trend is having a story to tell around the pieces you’ve bought, which gives you a good excuse to shop when you’re next on soaking up the sun.

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Eastern Promise

Japanese influences continue to make their mark in interior design this season. Focusing on the concept of creating a Zen home, natural elements such as bonsai trees and bamboo, alongside cherry blossom prints and orchids, all add a Japanese-inspired touch to your space. Having light, open windows is a must so clear windowsills and add a window-film instead of blinds if privacy is an issue. Minimalism, meanwhile, is a signature element of Japanese interiors, so why not use it as an excuse to finally declutter your home in time for the new “school year”.


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So, which is your favourite of the five autumn/winter 2018 interior design trends we’ve highlighted here? Have a look at a handful of our accessories below & see which trend you think they sit within!  It’s difficult to choose but Country Retreat might just have won our hearts.

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